Governance in the nationwide dissemination of telemedicine to patients with COPD

The municipalities and five health regions are in charge of the practical implementation of the dissemination of telemedicine for patients with COPD. To support knowledge sharing and cooperation within national and cooperative projects, a joint public steering committee has been established.

The portfolio of the dissemination of telemedicine to patients with COPD consists of the following initiatives:

  • Five regional programs – one for each of the regions with the affiliated municipalities and general practitioners.
  • An inter-municipal/inter-regional project for service and logistical functions.
  • Joint public preconditional and analytical projects

This organization ensures transparency regarding results and progress in the dissemination. Furthermore it exploits synergies across regions and municipalities as well as exchange of experiences.

Five regional programs

The practical execution of the dissemination of telemedicine is driven by municipalities and regions who organize the five regional programs. There is a regional program for each region in corporation with affiliated municipalities and general practitioners.

To ensure that local differences are taken into account, each regional program has the responsibility to disseminate telemedicine in their local area, and therefore program steering committees have been established on a regional level. The regional programs can use already established fora, e.g. related to existing health agreements.

The dissemination is dependent on changes in the present organization, and the regional programs are in charge of developing new work procedures. Among other things, a concrete division of tasks and responsibilities between municipals, hospitals and medical practitioners needs to be in place.

Joint public steering committee

To ensure progress in the benefits realization related to telemedicine and at the same time support exchange of experiences across the country, a new joint public steering committee has been established.

There will be an ongoing follow-up on the strategic objectives and milestones, to ensure progress in the dissemination. The strategic objectives are operationalized in a number of measurements for gains.

Based on the ongoing reports from the regional programs, the steering committee continuously follows the progress regarding the objectives and the realization of benefits related to both health and economics.

A joint public steering committee secretariat has been established to support the steering committee.

Joint projects

Parallel to the practical implementation on the regional level, a number of projects have been launched in a joint context. These projects consist of drawing up a business case, preconditional projects in relation to infrastructure and healthcare guidelines, and a cooperative project concerning service and logistics.