47 million DKK will ensure that the dissemination gets the best possible conditions

Government financing of a series of projects will among other things ensure that the preconditions for the national dissemination of telemedicine is in order.

As a part of the dissemination of telemedicine for patients with COPD, 47 million DKK has been set aside on the national budget. The means come from the Danish Public Welfare Technology Foundation and will finance a series of precondition projects and a joint public portfolio secretariat.

For at closer description of the allocated government fund, see the table below:

Financed projects

  1. Calculation of business case 1.000.000 DKK
    Responsible authority: The Danish Agency of Digitisation

  2. Projects regarding health professional guidelines 80.000 DKK
    Responsible authority: The Danish Health Authority

  3. Projects regarding maturing of infrastructure in all 23.300.000 DKK
    • Maturing of NSP
      Responsible authority: Danish Health Data Authority
    • Maturing of KIH-database
      Responsible authority: Medcom
    • Integration KIH into EOJ, LPS and sundhed.dk
      Responsible authority: Medcom
    • Backup for integration for EPJ
      Responsible authority: Medcom
    • Maturing of OpenTele
      Responsible authority: Central Denmark Region

  4. Project regarding service and logistical functions 8.000.000 DKK
    Responsible authority: Local Government Denmark and Danish Regions

  5. Joint public portfolio secretariat 2.700.000 DKK yearly
    Responsible authority: The Danish Agency of Digitisation

  6. External reviews 1.000.000 DKK yearly from 2017-2019
    Responsible authority: Joint public portfolio steering committee