Joint public portfolio secretariat

A joint public portfolio secretariat will support the joint public steering committee in the dissemination of telemedicine for patients with COPD.

I connection with the national dissemination of telemedicine for patients with COPD, a joint public portfolio secretariat has been established to support and serve the work of the joint public steering committee.

Aside from discussing agendas and materials with the chairmanship prior to meetings, the secretariat continuously supports the follow-up on the progress.

The secretariat formulates status reports and resolution proposals on the basis of regular reporting and a continuous dialog with the regional programs along with municipals, regions and government parties.

The employees of the secretariat

The joint public secretariat is placed in the Danish Agency of Digitisation and consists of employees from Local Government Denmark, Danish Regions, the Danish Agency for Digitisation and the Ministry of Health.


Søren Beltofte

Head of Division


Rasmus Lundgaard Nielsen

Agency for Digitisation


Ea Busch-Petersen

Danish Regions


Mathias Boberg Christensen

Ministry of Health


Poul Erik Kristensen

Local Government Denmark