Information security

In order for the modern information society to work, citizens and businesses need to be able to trust that the information stored in computer systems won't be abused.

With the provision of digital public services, public authorities and citizens will enter into a new relationship with each other. Citizens will personally have to enter data, apply for grants and check their digital letter box (Digital Post). In return, the public sector will seek to provide self-service solutions and welfare technology solutions that are as user-friendly as possible, to deliver more automated case processing and better data quality, and to ensure that data only needs to be entered once and subsequently is shared increasingly between public authorities.

With the increased traffic on public sector websites, ICT security and safety will become more important than ever before. The most important tasks in the coming years will therefore be to continue delivering secure ICT solutions and to broaden awareness of the ICT security challenges associated with navigating the Internet. The common public sector digital signature solution NemID (“EasyID”) plays a key role in this development.