Special focus on young people


Prior to the transition to Digital Post on 1 November 2014, surveys showed that young people between 15 and 24 had lower awareness about Digital Post, and far fewer young people had signed up for Digital Post compared to the national average.

From the get-go it was not clear that young Danes were not ready for receiving Digital Post from public authorities, despite being ready in terms of their digital skills. They lacked basic knowledge about the transition, and less than half had NemID, the digital signature necessary to log in on public websites and to read one’s Digital Post.

The lack of knowledge about the transition to Digital Post was seen as crucial, as young people risked overlooking important messages from public authorities – e.g. letters informing about hospital appointments, or the possibility to apply for transportation subsidies.

Therefore, the Agency for Digitisation spearheaded initiatives focused on the young in order to increase their knowledge about Digital Post and digital dialogue with the public authorities in general. This supplemented the campaign materials produced by the agency to be used for free by all public authorities.

As a result, the rate of awareness about Digital Post among the young aged 15-24 increased from 62% to 91% in just two months (from July to September).

Tools for raising awareness

It was central to engage stakeholders and to share knowledge, align messages and motivate by sharing good ideas.

The tools included the following:

Facebook quiz: “Are you more digital than a 65-year old?”

The Agency for Digitisation produced a quiz where young people could compete with e.g. 65+ Danish celebrities to compare their digital skills, raising their awareness about Digital Post and encouraging them to register.

Digital greetings to the future

A national competition among schools was orchestrated by The Agency for Digitisation. Students could submit a digital message about how they viewed communication in the future. The messages were collected and afterwards sealed in a time capsule in a museum in Copenhagen, to be opened in 50 years.

Campaign film targeted to the young

The municipality of Copenhagen had produced a small film about Digital Post for their website. The Agency for Digitisation ensured that the film was adjusted so that it could be used for free by all municipalities in Denmark.

Know Your Digital ABC

The municipality of Aarhus had produced extensive learning material about digital communication with public authorities targeted to schools. In close collaboration with Aarhus, the Agency for Digitisation ensured that the digital platform and all the learning materials could be accessed for free by schools etc. all over Denmark.

Sharing good ideas and increase motivation on Facebook

The Agency for Digitisation manages the Facebook site ‘Start online’ (Start på nettet). It is a knowledge sharing site, announcing when new materials are produced that can be used for free by all public authorities. Also, public authorities inspire each other, and share photos and description of local initiatives, e.g. of events hosted by their young ‘digital ambassadors’ to motivate other young people and raise awareness about digital communication.