Self service

The common public digitisation strategy initiates a gradual transition to mandatory digital self-service and communication.

In 2015, a total of 80 pct. of Danish citizens' communication with public authorities will be digitally based. Citizens will be required to use digital self-service for a wide range of services, and to receive digitally letters, notices and messages from public authorities.

Mandatory digital self-service

Mandatory digital self-service is being introduced in four "waves" up to 2015. View lists of the mandatory digital self-service solutions:

Wave 1 self-service mandatory from December 2012

Wave 2 self-service mandatory from December 2013

Wave 3 self-service mandatory from December 2014

Wave 4 self-service mandatory from December 2015

Digital Post from public authorities

In addition to mandatory digital self-service it will be mandatory for citizens to be able to receive Digital Post from public authorities from November 2014.

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