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This page contains relevant documents in English regarding Denmark’s participance in the Danish involvement in the Open Government Partnership (OGP).

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National Action Plan 2012 (English)

The first Danish action plan contains nine initiatives to promote openness and good governance in Denmark.


National Action Plan 2013-2014 (English)

The second Danish action plan contains ten initiatives sorted into five themes:

1) Local democracy and participation, 2) Full digital communication – and inclusion, 3) New forms of collaboration and involvement, 4) Open data – innovation, transparency and enhanced efficiency, 5) The promotion of open government.


National Action Plan 2017-2019 (English)

The third Danish action plan contains 14 initiatives sorted into four themes: 

1) More and better open data, 2) Tailored data to ensure a basis for citizen participation, 3) Working together for a better public sector, 4) A global effort for openness.

Denmark's National Action Plan 2019-2022

National Action Plan 2019-2022 (English)

The fourth Danish action plan contains seven initiatives sorted into four themes:

1) Open data, 2) Trust in data processing by the public sector, 3) Supporting rule of law in the social sector, 4) Whistle-blower schemes within the Danish Ministry of Justice.


Download evaluations and status reports  

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Evaluations and status reports


Denmark 2012-2013 IRM Progress Report (English)

Read the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) status report for the 2012-13 action plan.


Denmark, Midterm Self-Assessment Report, 2013-14 (English)

Read the midterm self-assessment report for the 2013-14 action plan.


Public Comments Received on Denmark's First IRM progress report

Read the public comment on Denmark’s first IRM report.


Denmark 2014-2015 IRM Progress Report for Public Comment

Read the IRM report 2014-15 which was put up for public comment.


Denmark End-of-Term Self-Assessment 2013-2014/2016 (English)

Read the end-of-term evaluation for the 2013-2013/2016 action plan.


Denmark End-of-Term Report 2014-2016

Read the end of term report for the Danish action plan 2014-2016.


Mid-term Self-Assessment Report on Denmark's OGP Action Plan 2017-2019

Read the midterm self-assessment report on Denmark’s third action plan.

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