Open Government Partnership (OGP) Action Plan

The Danish OGP National Action Plan 2017-2019.

In an international context, Denmark stands as a modern and open society. We are known for keeping up with developments, safeguarding democracy and having a well-run public sector that continually improves. Denmark must maintain and strengthen this position.

The Open Government Action Plan 2017-2019 is rooted in two key concepts that support a well-run public sector: openness and involvement. An efficient and fair public sector must be open. As an example, openness about the service that is provided to citizens is needed to make citizens capable of holding public authorities accountable. At the same time, citizens must be involved to ensure that the service provided is organised according to their needs and provided on their terms.

The National Action Plan comprises 4 themes with a total of 14 commitments:

  • More and better open data
  • Tailored data to ensure a basis for citizen participation
  • Working together for a better public sector
  • A global effort for openness

Download the Danish OGP Action Plan 2017-2019