Open Government Partnership (OGP) Action Plan

The Danish OGP National Action Plan 2019-2022

The trust in public digitisation to be strengthened.

Denmark’s fourth action plan for Open Government is focused on strengthening trust in public authorities, and especially increasing trust in public digitisation. Denmark’s action plan for Open Government 2019-2022 is bringing together initiatives from the broader Danish public sector that can lead to an increase of trust in the public sector.

The action plan contains seven concrete initiatives sorted into four themes:

  • The theme “Open data” is the focal point of four of the action plan initiatives with the aim of providing availability for new data and developing new methods of sharing data that has until now been unavailable to the public.
  • The theme “Trust in data processing in the public sector” intends to ensure transparency in data processing in the public sector by giving citizens access to their own data.
  • The theme “Supporting rule of law in the social sector” aims at strengthening the trust in case management in the social sector by establishing an independent rule of law assurance unit.
  • The theme “Whistle-blower schemes within the Danish Ministry of Justice” aims at increasing citizen’s trust in the public administration by establishing a whistle-blower scheme within the Danish Ministry of Justice.

Download the Danish OGP Action Plan 2019-2022