The European Union (EU)

The EU plays a significant role for increased cooperation on digital government as well as cross-border services.

The international work in the Agency for Digital Government centres on the European Union. EU legislation applies directly to a number of the Danish public sector’s systems and digital solution, and both in existing and proposed EU legislation, there is a focus on cross-border digital services.

For Denmark, it is important that EU legislation is aligned with the existing secure and user-centred digital services and service infrastructures in Denmark. At the same time, Denmark seeks to increase the general level of public digital services in EU to ensure more uniform and coherent public services across borders.

The Agency for Digital Government works to ensure that Denmark has a say in proposals, initiatives, and projects that have an impact on the national public digital service infrastructures as well as the public sector’s delivery of digital services. Additionally, we seek to improve standards for digital government, including in data interoperability between sectors and across borders, as well as the introduction of new digital technologies and artificial intelligence in the public sector.

Priority Areas for the Agency for Digital Government

To ensure the priorities of the public sector in EU negotiations about digital government, the Agency for Digital Government takes an active role in the following areas:

  • Implementing the eIDAS regulation, ensuring the use of national eIDs across borders.
  • Implementing the Single Digital Gateway Regulation, including the maintenance of the YourEurope information portal implemented on with information from Danish authorities to residents from another EU or EEA country.
  • Participating in yearly EU surveys such as the the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) and the eGovernment Benchmark.

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