The Danish Government Digitisation Partnership

Throughout 2021, the Danish Government Digitisation Partnership discussed how Denmark should harness and use future technological opportunities. The partnership concluded its work in October 2021 by handing over 46 recommendations to the Danish Government.

In March 2021, the Danish Government set up a digitisation partnership for Denmark’s digital future. Through the partnership, the Danish Government gained knowledge and insight into how Denmark can best exploit the digital transition.

The recommendations are used as a contributions in the Danish Government’s emerging strategies and policies related to digital development.

The Danish Government Digitisation Partnership consisted of a chairman and 27 permanent members.

The members were top-level executives and experts from the Danish business community, the research community, civil society, as well as partners from Local Government Denmark and Danish Regions.

Members of the Danish Government Digitisation Partnership 2021

  • Jim Hagemann Snabe
  • André Rogaczewski
  • Brian Mikkelsen
  • Casper Hansen
  • Claus Jensen
  • Esben Gadsbøll
  • Eva Berneke
  • Gordon Ørskov Madsen
  • Gregers Kronborg
  • Jacob Bundsgaard
  • Kim Fausing
  • Kim Simonsen
  • Lars Sandahl Sørensen
  • Lars Aagaard
  • Lizette Risgaard
  • Mads Nipper
  • Martin Præstegaard
  • Michael Holm
  • Michael Rasmussen
  • Mikkel Flyverbom
  • Nana Bule, CEO
  • Natasha Friis Saxberg
  • Per Christensen
  • Rikke Hvilshøj
  • Rikke Zeberg
  • Stephanie Lose
  • Stephen Alstrup
  • Stine Mangor Tornmark

The Digitisation Unit

The Danish Government Digitisation Partnership had its secretarial functions managed by a so-called digitisation unit, which comprised civil servants from the Danish Agency for Digital Government, the Danish Ministry of Finance, the Danish Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs, the Danish Business Authority, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Local Government Denmark, Danish Regions, Confederation of Danish Industry, Confederation of Danish Enterprise, and the Danish Trade Union Confederation.