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The Danish Digital Journey

For more than 20 years, the Danish national government, municipalities, and regions have worked closely together to build a strong digital service infrastructure that serves as the public sector’s foundation for delivering public services to residents and businesses in Denmark.

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Public authorities at all government levels work strategically together to deliver the best possible public services. The strategic-collaborative approach across levels of government has created a digital mindset and the vision of a digital public sector.

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Denmark has a joined-up national digital service infrastructure, which enables public authorities at all government levels to deliver world-class digital services to the population round the clock.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI offers great opportunities for creating growth, prosperity, and world-class services in the public sector. Denmark has a focus on AI systems that are human-centred and responsible to address the ethical challenges posed by the technology.

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International Cooperation

Denmark participate in a number of forums for international cooperation on digital government, including the EU and the European Coalition of the Willing, the Nordic Council of Ministers, the Digital Nations, and the OECD.

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Digital-Ready Legislation

Since 2018, there has been broad political support to simplify Danish legislation. Digital-ready legislation ensures easier workload for civil servants and more effective and transparent rules for residents and businesses.

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Digital Inclusion

As a society, we are obligated to make our digital solutions available to all residents. The Agency for Digital Government takes special measures to ensure targeted communication and assistance to groups with special needs regarding digital services.

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