Information Security in Danish authorities

With Denmark being highly digitised, a solid information security foundation is essential to ensure accessibility, integrity and confidentiality of information and thereby trust among the users.

External cyber threats demand a joint effort if we are to protect Denmark from malicious cybercrime and cyber espionage. The information security efforts [in Danish authorities] are formed by a number of frameworks as described below.

The latest Danish Cyber- and Information Security Strategy 2022-24 focuses on government and critical infrastructure, citizens as well as businesses. 34 key initiatives will equip and help Denmark to be and stay digitally secure.

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In order to ensure that government authorities administer information and communications technologies (ICT) responsible and manage digital projects securely and properly, the government has created a Strategy for ICT management in central government.

Since 2001, the state, regions and municipalities have worked in collaboration to digitise the public sector. Today the collaboration is based on joint public digitisation strategies.

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Like all other EU members, Danish authorities have to comply with EU-wide legislation related to cyber security such as NIS-2.