NemLog-in is a log-on solution, which gives the public access to authority self-service solutions in both the municipalities, regions and the government.

NemLog-in plays a central role in Denmark's digital infrastructure by making it possible for Danish citizens and businesses to log on to public self-service solutions.

With NemLog-in, you have access to many different service providers and public services and through the Single Sign On (SSO) solution you only have to identify yourself once to all the various public authority self-service solutions. 

When you use the solution from public websites such as you will be re-directed to a common log on page. After you log on, you will automatically be returned to the homepage you came from.

You log on using your eID or digital signature, such as your MitID identity. This gives a positive identification to the authorities that you are the person or employee you claim to be. You can then be sure that no one else can log on as you.

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