New Technologies

In Denmark, we are seizing the opportunities that new digital technologies present to create economic growth and welfare for all, including artificial intelligence (AI) and language technology. However, with the opportunities also come a number of challenges and ethical dilemmas. The Agency for Digital Government focuses on finding common methods to take advantage of the opportunities while solving the challenges that new technologies present.

Human-Centred, Responsible Development

Denmark has a national focus on creating the right conditions for public authorities to be able to use and develop new technologies. This includes addressing ethical challenges, such as bias and the implications of automatic decision making.

Innovation and Digital Transition

In 2020, the Danish Government, Local Government Denmark, and Danish Regions established the National Uptake Fund for New Technologies, which supports 40 public-sector AI projects. The purpose of these projects is to showcase the opportunities that AI presents to the public sector and gain experience with the application of new technologies.

Through investments, knowledge sharing and policy work the Agency for Digital Government supports the development of AI that solves important societal problems. We work for appropriate regulation of the technology at EU level to remove legal ambiguities and ensure the best possible framework for security, ethical use of the technology, and continued innovation in the field.

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