Digital Inclusion

As a society, we are obligated to make our digital solutions available to all citizens, no matter the starting point of the individual. The Agency for Digital Government takes special measures to ensure targeted communication and assistance to groups with special needs.

Most residents in Denmark are comfortable with use digital technologies, but there are – and will likely always be – some people, who are digitally challenged. These groups include the elderly, people with disabilities, immigrants – particularly from countries with less-extensive public sectors – and other digitally-challenged people.

The Agency for Digital Government takes special measures to ensure that digital services provided by the public sector use targeted communication and assistance to people with special needs.

We perform a wide range of targeted efforts such as research and analysis, collaborating with stakeholders, issuing guides for digital solutions, and producing educational materials specifically for digitally-challenged people.

In 2022, the share of digitally-challenged citizens was approximately 10 percent of the Danish population. We base this number on the share of people who are exempt from the mandatory digital solution Digital Post.

Monthly newsletter

Every month, the agency issues a newsletter with news concerning digital inclusion. Topics include – to name a few – how to avoid cybercrime, special measures taken on communication targeted digitally challenged users, updates on the website, and upcoming events.

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