Single Digital Gateway Regulation

The purpose of the Single Digital Gateway Regulation (SDGR) is to grant online access to information, administrative procedures, and assistance services for residents and businesses in the EU.

A single entry point

The purpose of the SDGR is to establish a single entry point through which EU residents and businesses are able to access information about relevant rights, rules, and obligations of all Member States in a broad selection of administrative areas. This single entry point is intended to help citizens and businesses who wish to exercise their rights in other Member States, e.g. to travel, live, work, study, and do business.

Access to the gateway will be available via the search function of the Your Europe portal, which has existed since 2006 to provide citizens and businesses information on EU and national rights. The establishment of a single entry point will contribute to a more comprehensive and user-friendly package of information and assistance, which will help EU citizens and businesses navigate the internal market. Furthermore, the gateway will be conducive to more transparency in terms of rules and regulations relating to different business and life events.


The Regulation establishing the Single Digital Gateway entered into force in December 2018. The national coordinator of the implementation in Denmark is the Danish Agency for Digital Government.

Three different implementation periods apply. For information on rights, rules, and obligations, the general deadline was in December 2020. The Danish national authorities have implemented this obligation through the portals and BusinessInDenmark.



Municipal authorities must make information on rights, obligations, and rules available by December 2022. The obligation to provide certain procedures digitally and make them fully accessible online for cross-border users, including implementing the ‘only-only’ principle, applies from December 2023.