MitID (the Danish National eID) is Denmark's digital ID that residents will use to access their public self-service solutions.

eID is the key to digital Denmark. Today, more than 90 percent of the population uses their national eID in situations where it is essential to document ones identity electronically. eID enhances the scope of communication between residents and the public sector, and helps the public sector to offer better services to residents and businesses. It allows for residents to access their public services 24 hours a day. 

The switch to digital-first was enabled by the rollout of Denmark’s second-generation national eID (NemID) in 2010. This served as a communal login for public and private self-service solutions and online banking.

Digital solutions are renewed or replaced over time. That happens because of security requirements and new technology. In 2022 Denmark's third generation eID, MitID, was introduced. This new eID satisfies the latest security requirements, meaning that we can use the internet with confidence now and in future.

MitID is the result of a well-established and unique collaboration between the public sector and the banks, and is a shared solution across businesses, persons, and authorities.

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