MitID Erhverv

MitID Erhverv, which was launched in the summer of 2022, is the new digital identification (eID) solution for organisations (companies, associations and authorities) in Denmark.

The solution replaces the NemID medarbejdersignatur. A central component of this new solution will be a portal where organisations can administer employee business identities and their related roles and rights that have been created in the FBRS component.

The transition to MitID Erhverv

Organisations currently using the NemID medarbejdersignatursolution will be required to move to MitID Erhverv by October 31 2023.

This means that all companies, associations and authorities can transfer to MitID Erhverv before NemID medarbejdersignatur is terminated on 31 October 2023.

How to get MitID Erhverv

Organisations will be notified when they are required to switch to MitID Erhverv via a message in Digital Post. Communications regarding the transition, preparation and completion of the connection to MitID Erhverv will be received continuously.

Read more about MitID Erhverv on our webpage (in Danish)