Driving Licence App


The Danish driving licence app (Danish: kørekort-app) was the first public proof of identity to become digital. It works as valid documentation of the resident’s right to drive a motor vehicle in Denmark, equal to the physical driving license.


The residents can utilize the app, in all the circumstances, where they are required to show proof of a valid driving license. Furthermore, the app is equal to its physical counterpart, as a general valid picture ID, wherever such is required. With a simple visual check, it is possible to verify the validity of the digital driving licence. If a more thorough validation is required, the app contains dynamic QR-codes.

App features

The app includes these features:

  • The app provides notifications prior to a renewal of the driving licence.
  • Different types of dynamic QR-codes (a progressive rotation of shown QR-codes) allow for a verification of authenticity. The codes can be verified by the police or through a user-to-user-scan feature in the app.
  • The scan feature is an independent part of the app. It does not require the users to register their own driving to be utilized.

App criteria

The app is eligible for all those meeting the following criteria:

  • Holding a valid Danish driving license
  • Holding a valid Danish passport
  • Possessing a Danish digital authentication ID (MitID)

The driving licence app is currently only valid within the Danish borders.

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