Health Insurance Card App


The Danish health insurance card app (Danish: sundhedskort-app) is a voluntary digital supplement to the national Danish health insurance card. It is valid documentation of the resident’s right to receive healthcare in Denmark, equal to the physical health insurance card, and can be utilised in all the circumstances as the physical card.

App features

The app includes these features:

  • The information provided on the digital health insurance card, such as full name and address, is automatically updated in the app. This ensures the user is capable of presenting updated data. This also applies in the period between new information is centrally registered, and the new physical card is sent to the resident.
  • Parents with custody automatically get their children’s health insurance card in the app, until the child turns 15. As the child only gets one physical card, this feature in the app saves logistical back-and-forth in everyday family life.
  • The health insurance card app can be installed on up to three devices. If the same card is registered on a fourth device, the card is automatically erased from the first device, on which it was created.
  • If a user loses their phone, the health insurance card app can be reset on the common public portal in Denmark (, to prevent malicious access to the app.

In a collaborative effort between the Danish Agency for Digital Government and the National Centre for Organ Donation (Danish: Dansk Center for Organdonation), new users are prompted once to decide if they wish to register as an organ donor. As a result, the amount of new organ donors after the first month of the launch of the app was equal to that of an entire year previously.

App criteria

The health insurance card app is eligible to all who meet the following criteria:

  • Having a registered residential address in Denmark
  • Possessing a Danish digital authentication ID (MitID)

As the app is a part of the National Danish Health Insurance Programme, it is only valid within the Danish borders.

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