International Cooperation

The Agency for Digital Government participates in a number of forums for international cooperation on digital government, including the EU, the Nordic Council of Ministers, and the OECD.

Denmark in International Forums

The Agency for Digital Government contributes to the collective efforts of the Ministry of Digital Government and Gender Equality. The agency’s role is to ensure that Denmark’s say in international proposals, initiatives, and projects with an impact on the national public digital service infrastructures as well as the public sector’s delivery of digital services is firmly rooted in technical expertise. This includes contributing to ensure international alignment with the existing secure and user-centred digital services and service infrastructures in Denmark.

Additionally, the Agency for Digital Government participates independently in a number of international forums focused on digital government. This includes holding keynote speeches about the digital transformation of the Danish public sector at a number of international conferences and engaging in bilateral cooperation and knowledge exchange with partner countries.

We also seek to improve standards for digital government, including in data interoperability between sectors and across borders, as well as the introduction of new digital technologies and artificial intelligence in the public sector. We also work to increase the general level of public digital services in the EU to ensure more uniform and coherent public services across borders.

Finally, the Agency for Digital Government participates in a number of recurring surveys such as the European Union’s Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) and the eGovernment Benchmark.