Digital Post app

The image shows the app Digital Post and how it looks on a tablet and a smartphone.

The Agency for Digital Government provides the Digital Post app, which enables users to access their Digital Post from public authorities on their smartphones and tablets.

In Denmark, people communicate with public authorities digitally through the public sector’s Digital Post. It is possible to access Digital Post on a variety of platforms, including the National Citizen Portal,, or through an app. Both of these platforms are provided by the Agency for Digital Government. Users of the Digital Post app can access their Digital Post account through the app using the Danish national eID, MitID.

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In the Digital Post app, people can access most of the functionalities that are available on the National Citizen Portal, including reading, writing, replying, and deleting their Digital Post from public authorities. If one person has granted another person reading access to their Digital Post, the app makes it easy to change between Digital Post accounts with only a few clicks. People who receive Digital Post on behalf of a business, a union or an association can also easily change between their private account and the business account.

The Digital Post app can be downloaded in App Store and Google Play Store.

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