NemKonto (the Danish National Account Register​) makes it easier for public authorities to make payments to both people and companies, in an easy and secure way.

A NemKonto is a normal bank account that a person or a company already has, and is then assigned as a NemKonto. All payments from public institutions in Denmark are transferred directly to this account.

All citizens over the age of 18 are obligated to have a NemKonto. The solution is part of law 1203, adopted on December 27, 2003. On July 1, 2006, the law was extended to include companies.

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NemKonto makes it both easier and safer for public authorities in Denmark to make payments. The NemKonto system makes payments to the person's Danish personal registration number (CPR-number), meaning that each individual authority does not have to know the bank details, thereby making the system more secure. It also means that people do not have to contact several different authorities if they change bank accounts. People simply get the new account assigned as their NemKonto, and payments will automatically be deposited to the new account.

For companies, the payments are made to a company’s identification number in the Danish Central Business Register (CVR-number) for the same reasons.

Users can check their NemKonto through the self-service feature on the National Account Register website. Users, excluding companies, can also update their NemKonto on the self-service option. Access to the self-service requires teh use of MitID (the Danish National eID).

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Read more about MitID (the Danish National eID)

The company KMD is the supplier behind the system, and aids authorities in technical support. The Agency for Digital Government is the responsible authority, system owner and data controller for NemKonto. The Agency for Digital Government work with KMD and other suppliers, and handles problems that go beyond common support.

The Danish Business Authority (Erhvervsstyrelsen) handles NemKonto Support, where both citizens, companies and authorities can write in or call for assistance.

The website for the National Account Register holds more information about NemKonto. The site includes instructions and further guides regarding the solution.

NemKonto in numbers

5.7 million NemKonto accounts are citizen related.

728,000 NemKonto accounts are company related.

Number of payments


million payments were made with NemKonto in December 2021


million payments were made with NemKonto in 2021