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People should be able to find information about the public sector online and access digital services easily. This was the goal of, the National Citizen Portal, when it was launched in 2007 as a single point of access for online services and information about the public sector. is the Danish public sector’s common portal which provides a single point of access to information about public authorities and their online services.

The portal enables people to find information about the Danish public sector and to access public services online at any time of the day. Usability is key in the ongoing work of developing and operating

Information about the public sector

Today, is developed and run by the Agency for Digital Government. The site contains some 800 pages in Danish with information for residents about the public sector, administrative procedures, as well as rights and responsibilities. Information on the site is maintained by the editors of and by a number of public authorities. Each public authority has the responsibility to ensure that all information on – within their area of responsibility – is relevant, correct, and updated.

The pages on are organised in a number of categories, for instance work, unemployment benefits and holidays; schools and education; and finances, tax and student grants. Users can navigate to the subjects through the menu on the front page of the portal or via the search function.

Online self-services on

In addition to the 800 information pages, also showcases about 2,000 online self-services across the public sector, regardless of whether the service is offered by a national agency or by the local municipality. Using, people can enroll their children in daycare, report a change of address, apply for child benefits, change general practitioner, complete their tax return, and much more.

The online self-services enable all residents in Denmark to help themselves using the digital solutions at any time of the day.

Continuous Development was first launched in 2007. The idea of creating a national citizen portal was initiated after an analysis in 2005 showed that many people in Denmark wanted a portal that provided a concise and good overview of the public sector. Since the initial launch, there have been several versions of, with each update focusing on making the portal even more useful for users.

In 2018, the portal was expanded with the first version of My Overview, which makes it possible for people to see some of the information on them held by the public authorities in one place. Currently, the overview includes information on for instance taxes, pensions, health, student grants, and housing.

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Digital Post on and the Digital Post app hosts a platform for Digital Post, the national service through which residents receive all post from public authorities. It is also possible to access Digital Post through the Digital Post app.

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Read more about the Digital Post app is an English part of Denmark’s National Citizen Portal, The site contains information in English for international citizens – typically people who are contemplating moving to Denmark or who have recently moved to Denmark.

The site contains practical information and rules connected to living and working in Denmark.

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