SME:Digital assists small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in digitally enhancing their operations. This is, for example, achieved by automating production or manual routine tasks, improving IT security, utilizing data to enhance customer experiences, optimizing resource utilization, and more.

In SME:Digital, businesses can seek grants for private consulting to assess the potential of digitalization in their company, identify the right solution providers, and receive assistance during implementation. Businesses can also apply for grants to invest in digital solutions.

To help businesses get started, SME:Digital provides inspiration through examples of digital transformations in other businesses and guidance on digital business development.

Furthermore, to guide businesses through digital projects, SME:Digital imparts knowledge gained from the experiences of other businesses in SME:Digital projects. SME:Digital was established in 2018 and, between 2018-2022, it provided financial support to nearly 6,000 digital projects in SMEs.

SME:Digital is operated by the Danish Agency for Digital Government and Business Hub Central Denmark in collaboration with all the country's business development centers. The Danish Business Authority oversees the reporting and disbursement of grants in the programme.

SME:Digital is funded through the Finance Act, several EU programmes (currently the EU Recovery Facility, EU Regional Fund, REACT-EU, EU Brexit Adjustment Reserve), as well as the Danish Board of Business Development.

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To advise on the ongoing development of SME:Digital, the Minister for Digital Government and Equality has appointed the SME:Digital Board, which consists of representatives from businesses, employer and employee organizations, and digitalization experts.

The council's tasks include advising on the development of SME:Digital's offerings to meet the diverse needs of SMEs across various industries, company sizes, and digitalization levels. It also focuses on making SME:Digital relevant in the busy routines of SMEs, ensuring ease of access and user-friendliness.