Organisation and responsibilities

The Agency for Digitisation is an agency of the Ministry of Finance and was established in 2011 to speed up the digitisation processes required to modernise the Danish welfare society. The Agency is in charge of the digitisation of Denmark and is responsible for the implementation of the government's digital ambitions in the public sector.


Centre for Infrastructure Development

The Centre for Infrastructure Development is responsible for developing the next generation of digital infrastructure via three projects: MitID (“MyID” – the new 3rd generation national eID solution), NemLog-in3 (“EasyLogin” – the new generation single sign-on solution) and Next generation Digital Post (the next generation digital letter box for citizens and businesses). The centre provides the foundation for furthering Denmark’s digital transformation. The new infrastructure must be future-proof and reflect the necessity of increased security and flexibility in order to ensure that solutions can continuously be adjusted to suit user needs. The centre is responsible for preparing and implementing the solutions from start to finish.

Division for Digital Overview and Communication 

The division has overall responsibility for developing Mit Overblik (“My Overview”) which will provide citizens with an improved digital overview of their own information and current cases with the public authorities. The division also identifies the required prerequisites for development of Mit Overblik by carrying out cross-sectoral analyses of e.g. needs and architecture. The division also collaborates with relevant authorities on the selection and display of data for Mit Overblik, and manages internal and external communication. Finally, the division is responsible for operation and development of the Danish Ministry of Finance’s communication platforms.

Division for Analysis and Policy

The Division for analysis and policy spearheads the development of the broad digitisation policy by conducting analyses of case handling processes and service delivery in order to use digitisation as a tool for more cost-efficient processes and better service to citizens. The division will focus on the potential of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and machine learning within the Danish public sector. A central initiative will be the launch of a national strategy for artificial intelligence. The division also plays an important part in national dissemination of well-documented digital welfare solutions in the e.g. the health, social and primary and lower-secondary education. Hence, the coordinating secretariat of the major national dissemination of telemedicine to citizens with COPD is part of division’s portfolio.

Division for Central Government Digital Projects

The Division for Central Government Digital Projects provides the basis for professionalising work on ICT projects and operations in the government sector in order to ensure efficient use of government resources. The division’s main efforts are centred on establishing a new management system for central government ICT systems, strengthening the existing management system for central government ICT projects, cultivating strong competencies within government authorities, and preparing a model for managing government contracts. The division is also secretariat to the Danish Council for ICT.

Centre for Development and Implementation

The Centre for Development and Implementation is responsible for the overall activities on development and implementation. The centre has its own ICT projects but also contributes to the development and implementation of projects across the agency in collaboration with other divisions/centres. 

Division for Digital Services

The Division for Digital Services works to ensure quality and coherency in the digital self-service solutions for public-sector services for citizens and businesses. This is by establishing coherent digital user-journeys, ensuring user-friendly and up-to-date digital self-service solutions, and by establishing an overview of cases and services.

Centre for Technology and Data Strategy

The Centre for Technology and Data Strategy is responsible for forging a more coherent public sector by providing an improved framework for sharing and reusing data and new technological opportunities.  The centre is responsible for preparing, coordinating and implementing work on data and new technology in the public sector. This includes ensuring interoperability between work on basic data and common public sector digital architecture. The centre is also responsible for a number of initiatives based on the common public sector Digital Strategy 2016-2020 and the government’s Coherency Reform track towards world-class digital service, including common public sector digital architecture, the Basic Data programme, and strategies for data and artificial intelligence.

Division for Cyber- and Information Security

The Division is working on securing an efficient and effective digitisation of the public sector. We are a division with specialised competencies in the area of security-related legal requirements, standards, and compliance to the EU General data protection regulation (GDPR) and the EU Regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions (the eIDAS regulation).

Division for System Management

The Division is key responsible for management and operation of the central, joint-public solutions. It is essential for the credibility digitization that the public sector, citizens and companies in Denmark experience solutions that are secure and have high performance.

Division for  

The national citizen portal is a “one-stop-shop” for citizens to all digital public services. The portal receives more than 34 million visits per year. The division for has strong focus on optimising the portal for user needs. Users should easily and efficiently be able to find answers to their questions and serve themselves online. It should be easy for citizens to navigate, and they should feel confident that they are using the website correctly. The division is also responsible for implementing the Act on the accessibility of the websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies.

Division for Digital Legislation

The Division for Digital Legislation is responsible for matters regarding bills, contracts, procurement, data protection, and digitisation-ready legislation. The division assists and collaborates with other divisions within the agency with legal counsel and coordinates a number of activities in connection with the data strategy for digital services. It is also responsible for the coupling between legislation and policy in the agency’s work on digital services and initiatives regarding data ethics. Additionally, the division functions as the secretariat for the government’s Council for Data Ethics.

Division for International Coordination

The Division for International Coordination is responsible for international activities, including coordination of EU-related activities. The purpose of the division is to influence the EU agenda at an early stage in order to secure Denmark a higher degree of impact on the EU’s digital agenda and subsequent regulations in the area. Furthermore, the division is responsible for international travels and presentations of top-management and for receiving foreign delegations.