Organisation and responsibilities

The Agency for Digitisation is an agency of the Ministry of Finance and was established in 2011 to speed up the digitisation processes required to modernise the Danish welfare society. The Agency is in charge of the digitisation of Denmark and is responsible for the implementation of the government's digital ambitions in the public sector.


Centre for Analysis and Policy

The Centre works to develop the overall digitisation policy for the public sector in general. Key tasks include policy development on the reduction of erroneous payments and fraud regarding social benefits, efforts to cut red tape, simplification of legislation and digital-ready legislation.

Centre for Infrastructure Projects and Procurement

The Centre works to develop and provide key digital solutions to enable simple, efficient and secure digital communication. The Centre also works on secure identity and rights management. Main responsibilities include coordinating a partnership with the financial sector on a next-generation national digital identity for citizens and businesses, and managing a call for tender on the new solution. The Centre also manages the call for tender on a new federated login solution.

Centre for Strategy Management and Communication

The Centre is responsible for the portfolio management of the Joint-Government Digital Strategy 2016-2020. The goal is to ensure progress, financial governance, cross-cutting coordination and prioritisation, impact monitoring, and profit realisation. The Centre also provides corporate communications services, including digital communications and platforms, across the entire Ministry of Finance group of authorities and strategic communications consulting to the Agency for Digitisation specifically.

Division for the National Citizen Portal (

The Division works to continuously develop and quality-assure the national Citizens' Portal,, in close cooperation with the public authorities that provide information, data and digital self-service solutions on the portal.

Division for Cyber- and Information Security

The Division is working on securing an efficient and effective digitisation of the public sector. We are a division with specialised competencies in the area of security-related legal requirements, standards, and compliance to the EU General data protection regulation (GDPR) and the EU Regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions (the eIDAS regulation).

Division for Data and Architecture

The Division helps create a common framework for quality data and efficient sharing of data in order to pave the way for increased reuse of data, growth, and innovation, and make possible easier access to government for citizens and businesses.

Division for Digital Service

The division is responsible for strengthening the public service provision to citizens and businesses, including digital welfare and self-service solutions

Division for Basic Public Data

The Division acts as secretariat for the Basic Data Programme which aims to organise, manage and make available core data about Denmark and the Danes within a shared framework, and coordinates collaboration between central government agencies, regional government bodies, and local government bodies.

Division for Legal Affairs and International Relations

The Division works to ensure effective and safe digitisation of the public sector and provides specialist support on legal issues, contracts, and compliance in relation to the Data Protection Regulation, the eIDAS Regulation, and the Web Accessibility Directive.

Division for System Management

The Division holds the product ownership for the public sector shared digital infrastructure, and is responsible for coordinating user experience and cohesive user journeys across shared public digital services.

Division for Ministerial Digital Projects

The Division provides the foundation for the professionalisation of IT projects, IT programmes, and IT operations in the central government administration.