National identity and signing

NemID is the key to all of digital Denmark. The contract on NemID expires and the work to create the successor, MitID, is well under way.


NemID is the official digital signature for public digital services. You can use your NemID as secure login regardless of where you use it - whether you are accessing your online banking service, e-Boks or the local public authorities’ self-service or whether you are checking your insurance or retrieving your tax return form from the Danish tax authorities, SKAT.

NemID is comprised of two components: your password, which only you know; and a code card with one time codes, which you have in your possession. Therefore, NemID offers strong protection against intruders and hackers.

NemID does not need to be installed, and therefore you can easily use NemID from other devices than your own. You can for example borrow a computer from your family, use a computer in the library – or use a computer in an internet café abroad. You only need to remember your user-ID and your password and bring your key card.

Visit the website

On you can read more about digital signatures in general and NemID, the official digital signature for public digital services. The page contains information describing what a digital signature is, how and where to use it, and where to get it. For authorities, there is a digital toolbox offering various information material that may be used free of charge for marketing digital services.

The next generation of NemID, MitID, is sent out to tender. 

Read more about the MitID tender

NemID code app

The NemID code app is a supplement to NemID and the existing code card.

NemID Code app was developed in a partnership between the public sector and the financial sector. Nets DanID is the supplier of the NemID infrastructure while the company E-nettet has developed the app itself.

The app was released in 2018 and is available for download on IOS and Android units alike. To use the app, the citizen needs an activated code card with at least two remaining, unused codes. This is required to verify the citizen using the app. After initial set up the app will generate codes independent of the code card, meaning that the app will never run out of codes, thus limiting the citizen’s need to acquire new code cards.

The citizen can use the app to login to all the digital services that uses the NemID solution. It thus provides access to online banking and public websites such as and – as well as access to websites of private operators such as labour unions or unemployment funds.

Digital signature

A digital signature is an electronic signature that may be used in various situations, for instance when it is essential to know who you are communicating with electronically.

A digital signature enhances the scope for communication between citizens and the public sector. Citizens are able to use public services all the 24 hours of the day, and users of a digital signature may eventually replace physical documents with electronic ones. By establishing digital services and using digital signatures, the public sector will be able to offer better services to citizens and businesses, while at the same time improving efficiency in the administration.

Public Certificates for Electronic Services

In connection with our work to promote e-government, a key area is the establishment of digital signatures, also known as OCES (Offentlige Certifikater til Elektroniske Services) (Public Certificates for Electronic Services). A digital signature is based on PKI (Public Key Infrastructure). This is an infrastructure which enables authentication and confidentiality in electronic communication between two parties.