Denmark Launches New Digital Driving Licence


Since 24 November 2020, Danish citizens have been able to download their driving licence in a new app and leave their physical driving licence at home.


Always Have Your Driving Licence at Hand

People who download the new app ‘Kørekort’ (Danish for driving licence) and enrol for the digital driving licence no longer have to remember their physical driving licence. Instead, drivers can now show their digital driving licence as proof of their ability to drive. 

With more than 500,000 downloads of the new app in the 24 hours after release and almost 750,000 in the first week, people in Denmark have taken to the new digital driving licence quickly. For reference, there are approximately 3.8 million issued driving licences in Denmark. 

The new digital driving licence is part of the Danish Government’s continuous efforts to make everyday life easier and more convenient for citizens through new and innovative digital solutions.

The app has a built-in QR-code which enables Police to use their own dedicated app to confirm the validity of the digital driving licence, without touching the driver’s phone. The app can also display a QR-code with less information, which can be used as proof of identity, for instance to buy age-restricted products or to pick up a parcel at the post office.

The new app and the digital driving licence will not replace the physical driving licence. Physical driving licences will still be printed, but those who would like to have a digital driving licence now have the option.

Development of Digital Driving Licences

The Agency for Digitisation has developed the new digital driving licence app in co-operation with the Ministry of Transport and Housing, the Danish Road Traffic Authority, the Ministry of Justice, and the Danish Police. 

With the launch of the app, Denmark becomes part of a small group of countries that have developed digital driving licences, including Norway.

However, the new digital driving licence will not be a valid proof of ability to drive outside Denmark’s borders, meaning that people still need to take their physical driving licences for trips abroad.