Denmark signs charter with the world’s leading Digital Nations


Denmark continues to cooperate and share experiences in the forum for the most digitalized countries in the world, Digital Nations.


The Danish Minister of Finance, Nicolai Wammen, signs the charter on the continued collaboration within Digital Nations - an international forum for ten of the world's leading nations when it comes to public digitalisation. Denmark joined the network in November 2019, and participates by sharing knowledge and experiences with its peer leading nations on public digitalisation.

This year, the Digital Nations ministerial summit took place on the 2nd and 3rd of November 2020. At the summit, the participating nations discussed various topics and challenges regarding public digitalisation. This year's focus was on how the participants have used public digitalisation to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic as well as sharing best practices on other areas, like digital identities, AI, and a digital, green transition. 

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual summit of Digital Nations was held virtually, and not in Ottawa, Canada, as originally intended.