New Name: Agency for Digital Government


The Agency for Digitisation is changing our name to the Agency for Digital Government. There will be a transition period between April and mid-May, where the new name will be fully implemented with an update of the information on our website.

Since the creation of the agency in 2011, our primary responsibilities have been to advance the digital transformation of the Danish public sector across all levels of government by heading the development and operation of modern, digital-by-default products and services that are easy to use for the benefits of people in Denmark.

For more than twenty years, Danish authorities have worked strategically together to develop digital solutions that work across levels of government. The cooperation between national, regional, and municipal authorities is unique in the world and has been central in building consensus and creating broad support for digital services in Denmark. Today, more than 90 percent of the population communicate with the public sector digitally.

Our new name emphasises the fact that we have moved to the next generation of digital government, where our focus is on the continuous development and improvement of existing digital service infrastructures as well as the deployment of new technologies to improve welfare services and reduce paperwork.

The website of the Agency for Digital Government is the primary channel of communication for our international partners and stakeholders. During May 2022, we will be updating our content and logo.

The Danish name of the agency – Digitaliseringsstyrelsen – will remain unchanged.