Danish Cyber and Information Security Strategy 2022-2024


The Danish Government has adopted a new national strategy that constitutes the framework for cyber and information security in Denmark over the next three years. The overall aim of the strategy is to strengthen society’s resilience to cyber threats.

The Danish National Strategy for Cyber and Information Security 2022-24 will strengthen digital security and robustness throughout Danish society to keep up with developments in cyber threats. The strategy establishes several new security requirements for ministries and government agencies responsible for vital societal ICT systems and functions.

The demand for cyber and information security skills is high. However, public authorities and private companies alike find it difficult to recruit the right profiles for the tasks. Therefore, the new strategy launches a number of initiatives that focus on raising management commitment and competencies in the field of cyber and information security by means of education, training and new requirements. It is also a priority to build knowledge among residents, for example by strengthening Denmark’s national information portal on cyber and information security, sikkerdigital.dk.

The strategy will provide the Danish police with new tools to counteract cybercrime, which has been an increasing problem in recent years. There is also a focus on strengthening Denmark’s active role in international cooperation on cyber and information security.

Four strategic objectives

The strategy contains four strategic objectives. See below for examples of the initiatives supporting each objective.

  • Security requirements for the management of government ICT systems critical to society will be tightened
  • A cyber security unit for SMEs will be established
  • Police response to cybercrime will be strengthened by expanding the capacity to investigate and disrupt cybercrime

  • Strengthening the knowledge, awareness and behaviour of top managers and leaders in government through increased requirements and new skills initiatives
  • Strengthened information efforts aimed at residents, authorities, and businesses through further development of the national information portal, sikkerdigital.dk

  • Better help for citizens and businesses through a cyber-hotline

  • Strengthened capacity to counter cyberattacks by state and non-state actors
  • Strengthening controls on the proliferation of cyber products and the freezing of economic resources

Facts and economy

To support the implementation of the Danish Cyber and Information Security Strategy 2022-2024, the Danish Government has allocated a total of DKK 270 million to the implementation of 34 key initiatives that constitute the overall framework for the development of a stronger and more digitally secure Denmark.

The Danish government has previously agreed with a majority in Parliament to strengthen Denmark’s cyber defence by DKK 500 million through the implementation of a political agreement on a cyber reserve in the national defence agreement. The present defence agreement is a broad agreement that expires in 2023 with the purpose of ensuring the continued existence, integrity and security of Denmark. Danish municipalities and regions are also continuously working to strengthen cyber and information security.