New Name and Website Relaunch


Today, we are changing our name to the Agency for Digital Government. At the same time, we are launching new content on our English-language website.


Today, our name in English is changing from the Agency for Digitisation to the Agency for Digital Government. Our new name emphasises the fact that Denmark has moved to the next generation of digital government, where our focus is the continuous development and improvement of existing digital service infrastructures as well as the deployment of new technologies to improve welfare services and reduce paperwork.

The Danish name of the agency – Digitaliseringsstyrelsen – will remain unchanged.

Denmark’s digital public services and our strategic approach to using digital technologies and systems across the public sector have garnered international recognition for years. The Agency for Digital Government has played a central role in the digital transformation of the Danish public sector. For more than a decade, we have coordinated much of the joint strategic work towards using digital solutions throughout the public sector. Additionally, we are responsible for developing and providing a number of key digital systems used by all public authorities.

Our primary channel of communication with our international partners and stakeholders is our website,, and we receive a great deal of international interest — from politicians and civil servants over journalists and researchers to businesses — about the Danish journey.

Along with our new name, we are launching new content on our website with updated information on our world-class digital public services and solutions, which are the result of decades of a sustained, strategic effort at all levels of government.