The Government Launches the New National Strategy for Digitalisation


Continuing from the recommendations from the Danish Government Digitisation Partnership, the Danish Government has now launched a new national strategy for digitalisation.

The strategy calls for broad and binding collaboration across both the public and the private sectors.

The strategy contains nine visions for the next steps in Denmark’s digital development:

The visions on the strategy
Vision 1 Strengthened cyber and information security
Vision 2 Coherent service for people and businesses
Vision 3 More time for welfare through increased use of new technology
Vision 4 Increased growth and digital SMEs
Vision 5 The digital healthcare of the future
Vision 6 Acceleration of the green transition through digital solutions
Vision 7 A strong, ethical, and responsible digital foundation
Vision 8 Denmark at the centre of international digitalisation
Vision 9 A population ready for a digital future

An English translation of the strategy is currently underway.