Denmark Tops the UN E-Government Ranking for the Third Time


The UN has once again ranked Denmark at the top of the E-Government Survey in the 2022 report, which was published on 28 September.


Since 2001, the UN has published the E-Government Survey, which has become a leading benchmarking reference for the digital development of countries. The study is the only global report that provides a status of the development of digital public services for all 193 members of the UN.

The UN report praises the countries at the top of this year’s report, including Denmark, for having chosen a holistic approach to providing digital public services.

The UN E-Government Survey is published every two years and includes a broad measurement of three indicators: online services, telecommunications infrastructure and the population’s human capital index. All countries are assigned a score between 0 and 1, with Denmark receiving a total score of 0.9717.

Visit the UN’s website about the E-Government Survey 2022 to read more.