Principles for Digital Inclusion in the Public Sector


Joint government principles for digital inclusion aim to promote responsible and inclusive digitalization. An English translation of the principles is now available for international readers.


With six principles for digital inclusion, the Agency for Digital Government, Local Government Denmark and Danish Regions collectively set the direction for public digitalization with consideration for all citizens, so that no one gets left behind.

The principles are advisory and meant to assist authorities in their efforts towards inclusive digitalization.

The principles for digital inclusion have been developed through extensive collaboration across the Danish Agency for Digital Government, Local Government Denmark (KL), and Danish Regions. Likewise, several other authorities and civil society organisations have been involved in devising the six principles.

With descriptions of practical applications and concrete tools, the principles are intended to help both employees and decision-makers to consider inclusion from start to finish when digitalizing.

The principles are relevant to anyone who is involved in public digitalization or public services in areas where interaction with citizens is digital.

A platform for Danish readers

The principles will only add value when they are reflected in decisions, projects and in the interaction between citizens and public authorities. That is why, at, Danish readers will find a range of concrete tools, materials, cases and examples for each of the 6 principles. This platform is meant to support government organisations in their work with inclusive digitalization.

The 6 Principles for Digital Inclusion

Be Aware of the Consequences of Digitalization

Decisions about digitalization should support the rights of all citizens and minimize risks of exclusion.

Design Solutions for All Citizens

Citizen-oriented digital solutions should be developed with diverse involvement of citizens, be based on citizens’ needs and be usable for as many as possible.

Communicate so Everyone Understands

Authorities should use easy-to-understand language and employ supporting tools and measures.

Assist Citizens with Their Digital Tasks

Citizens should have easy access to help and guidance in their digital interaction with the public sector.

Help the Helpers

It should be easy, secure and safe for helpers to assist digitally.

Provide Usable Alternatives

When citizens cannot be digital, alternative options should be available.