The Agency for Digital Government publishes AI guides


The Danish Agency for Digital Government publishes three guides to inspire authorities, companies, and citizens who want to test and work with generative AI.

With tools for working with artificial intelligence gaining popularity, three new guides targeting citizens, companies, and authorities published by the Danish Agency for Digital Government are meant to inspire and guide those considering adopting AI in their work or personal lives.

The guide for citizens provides guidelines for a safe and sound use of AI tools. Similarly, the guides for companies and authorities serve as valuable resources for company workers and government officials who seek inspiration to create their own guidelines for using AI tools.

The guides publication is just one of several initiatives within AI spearheaded by the Danish Agency for Digital Government. In March 2024 the Danish Agency for Digital Government in cooperation with the Danish Data Protection Agency also launched a regulatory sandbox for AI giving private and government organisations access to relevant expertise and guidance when developing and using AI solutions. Initially the sandbox will focus on GDPR and at a later stage it will also include guidance on the EU’s AI Act.

Recently the Agency for Digital Government was appointed the national competent authority for the EU's AI Act. As national competent authority, the Danish Agency for Digital Government will, among other things, coordinate with the competent supervisory authorities in Denmark and cooperate with other Member States and the European Commission, including the newly established European AI Office.

Read the guide for citizens here (Danish)
Read the guide for companies and authorities here (Danish)