Digitisation-ready legislation

The Danish welfare system is one of the best in the world; but as the public sector has developed, case processing has become increasingly complex. In the years to come, Denmark aims at simplifying legislation in order to promote automated digital case processing.

Complexity in legislation hinders digital case processing

Today, citizens and corporations in some areas face rules that are highly complicated. At the same time, professional exercises of discretion are often mandatory in case processing. In combination, this sometimes results in confusion about which guidelines and laws apply. Complex legislation with several exceptions, vague terms or many procedural requirements may prevent an efficient and digital public administration.

Digital-ready legislation can cut red tape

The Danish Government wishes to cut red tape by simplifying legislation and integrating public case processing and technology. Unnecessary and complex legislation should be simplified and new legislation should be easily understandable and digitally compatible. Future legislation must be drafted in a way that is both easily manageable and enables digital administration.

In order to provide the foundation for a more systematic effort to cut red tape in the public sector, the Danish Government has put forth an initiative to create digital-ready legislation. Digitisation-ready legislation will underpin an easier everyday-life for public employees and an efficient public sector that is capable of serving both citizens and corporations.