The Digital Strategy

Since 2001, the central, regional and local governments have cooperated to create the foundation for the future digitisation of the Danish public sector. The cooperation is based on public digitisation strategies, which are multi-annual agreements about the Danish direction of public digitisation.

The strategic digital initiatives make it possible for the public sector to make joint investments in areas which are particularly complex and in which there are interdependencies across different authorities and sectors. 

Digitisation has proven to be an effective and efficient tool to rethink processes and workflows in the public sector. The tradition of joint public sector strategic work on digitisation entails continuous endeavours for closer public sector collaboration to deliver good, efficient and coherent services to the public and businesses. The next Digital Strategy is expected to run from 2022-2025.

Who is participating?

The government's Digital Strategies concern the authorities at all levels of government, from central government to regions and municipalities - i.e. both the administrative institutions such as ministries, agencies and municipal and regional administrations, and the executive institutions such as hospitals, public schools, universities, etc.

Strategic interaction

Government Digital Strategies are not alone in ensuring that Denmark is well-prepared to seize the opportunities of digitisation.

The individual authority has a responsibility to realise the digital potential within its own auspice and, thus, to ensure that digitisation leads to the desired change. In parallel with joint public sector efforts, there are sector-specific digitisation projects and strategies, for example joint municipal and regional digital strategies. This approach to public sector digitisation provides a good balance between common strategic targets and local adaptation and priorities.

Furthermore, interacting with the public sector, private businesses, trade organisations and NGOs are also contributing to finding common solutions for the digital transition and helping to secure the foundation for a strong and secure digital Denmark.

Digital Denmark

Just as globalisation, digitisation raises many difficult questions. In a number of areas, Denmark is well prepared for what the future will bring. However, in other areas, we still have a lot to learn. Therefore, the public sector must work closely with the Danish business community, stakeholder organisations, etc. to establish the basis for a flexible and adaptive society, ready for an ever more digitised world.

The last Digital Strategy ran up to 2020. This strategy sat the course for Danish public sector digitisation efforts and their interaction with businesses and industry. Jointly with the businesses and public institutions at local, regional and central-government levels, which on a daily basis take advantage of the opportunities provided by digitisation, the strategy helped build the basis for a strong and secure digital Denmark. Therefore, the strategy helped to fully equip citizens, businesses, and public sector employees businesses for the future digital Denmark.