Open Data and re-use of Public Sector Information

Denmark has implemented the EU Directive on open data and the re-use of public sector information (2019/1024) by incorporating it into the existing landscape of open-data initiatives and revising the Public Sector Information (PSI) Law.

The PSI law lays down a legal framework for the re-use of public sector information in order to promote the re-use of existing documents and data collections that are in the possession of the public authorities.

The directive also sets rules regarding the quality and openness of high-value datasets held by the public sector. The Agency for Digital Government coordinates this effort across the public sector and supports access to data based on the common digital architecture.

The purpose is to exploit the potential of public sector information for the European economy and society, for instance by increasing the supply of valuable public data for re-use. Denmark has a long tradition of working with high-value basic data, such as public registry data, in central, regional and local governments.

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