Use Danish digital self-services with a non-Danish eID

As a citizen with an eID from another EU/EEA country, you can access and use Danish digital self-services.

Most digital Danish self-services require a Danish civil registration number (CPR number). In order to use these digital self-services with an eID from a EU/EEA country, you need to complete a connection process. This process connects your foreign eID with a Danish CPR number. You only need to complete this connection once. Going forward hereafter, you will automatically be redirected to the digital self-service when you log in with an eID.

How do I connect my EU/EEA eID with my Danish civil registration number (CPR number)?

At you can find the digital self-service you aim to use. Information regarding how a non-Danish eID can get connected with a Danish civil registration number (CPR number) will be presented. Likewise, the connection can be completed by accessing our solution DK Connect at

The amount of digital self-services available will increase in the years to come. This also includes digital self-services, which are not a part of ATP.

Be prepared to present a passport and possibly additional documentation in order to verify your identity. The connection will take approximately 10 minutes. Within 3-11 weekdays, you will be informed, whether the connection is approved. When the connection has been approved, you will be able to obtain easy and secure access to Danish digital self-services using an eID from another EU/EEA country.