Use your NemID/MitID for digital self-service in the EU/EEA

With your NemID/MitID, you can log in to a range of digital self-services in other countries of the EU/EEA.

It varies how many digital self-services are available in the different countries. The login function varies too. The EU/EEA countries of the EU/EEA continuously seek to increase the number of available digital self-services.

How do I use my NemID/MitID when accessing digital self-services in the EU/EEA?

If you wish to use your NemID/MitID to log in to a digital self-service in the EU/EEA, you need to log in from the specific digital self-service. The digital self-service will guide you through a process that allows you to log in with your NemID/MitID. Be aware that not all digital self-services are ready for cross-border usage. You might need to identify yourself with a photo of a passport or with a national identification number in order to prove affiliation to the country.