The National Cybersecurity Month Is Back


Denmark’s National Cybersecurity Month is part of the European Union’s annual campaign dedicated to promote cybersecurity to EU citizens and organisations. During October, the Agency for Digital Government, the Danish Business Authority, and the Centre for Cyber Security will promote initiatives and raise awareness to promote safe digital practices in Denmark.

What Is Happening during the National Cybersecurity Month?

During the National Cybersecurity Month, a range of activities and events will take place to advance the population’s skills when it comes to cyber threats and cybersecurity. Through two nationwide campaigns, people can learn about e.g. identity fraud and the safe use of social media for businesses. People will be able to test their skills in a cyberattack simulation and learn about the current cybersecurity threats that Denmark faces.

Moreover, the National Cybersecurity Council will host an event for schools, where 14-year-olds will receive advice on safe digital behavior. Furthermore, leading experts on the field will offer free lectures on different aspects on cybersecurity, and a free e-learning module on how to protect businesses from IT criminals will be offered.

All material will be hosted on Denmark’s online portal for cybersecurity and information security

Facts about the National Cybersecurity Month

The National Cybersecurity Month takes place every year in October. The initiative is inspired by and held in connection with the European Cyber Security Month, which is coordinated by the EU agency ENISA.

Read more about the European Cyber Security Month at ENISA

The Agency for Digital Government is the national coordinator for the National Cybersecurity Month. The initiative is held in cooperation with the Centre for Cyber Security (part of the Ministry of Defence) and the Danish Business Authority (part of the Ministry of Business).