White Paper on a Common Public-Sector Digital Architecture

People and businesses should experience services that are efficient, coherent, transparent and targeted to their needs. To achieve this, the local, regional and central governments have agreed on a common framework for digital architecture and a coherent IT-infrastructure.

The Danish public sector has a long history of cooperating on digital architecture and shared IT-infrastructure across local and national authorities. The current incarnation of these shared efforts had its starting point in the publishing of the White Paper on a common public-sector digital architecture. In it, the vision, which is supported to this day for the public sector, is set out along with fundamental principles and rules that have since resulted in a variety of practical products and guides.

Vision for the common public-sector digital architecture: The digitally coherent public sector

The common architecture for digitisation ensures secure cross-organisational processes and efficient sharing of data across the public sector and between the public and private sectors.

The goal is that people and businesses experience services that are efficient, coherent, transparent and targeted at the individuals’ need, and also provide good conditions for innovation, growth and development in society.

Download the digitally coherent public sector at arkitektur.digst.dk