Guidance and support

The Agency for Digital Government is in charge of developing tools, templates, seminars and campaigns to support implementation and maintenance of ISO/IEC 27001 in public authorities and general safe digital behavior for Danish citizens and organisations. is a site managed by the Agency for Digital Government.

The site provides guidance and support for strengthening information security and has three sections with content targeting citizens, public authorities and business (mainly SMVs), respectively.

The site aimed at public authorities contains templates, guidelines, quizzes, videos, case studies and more to support the authorities in working with ISO 27001. It is the task and responsibility of each individual institution to organise security work in their own organisation.

The citizen site supports Danes in staying digital safe online and among others contains advice, tools, guides and much more.

The business site has tools, tests, support as well as explanations and links to relevant support programs aimed towards SMEs.

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