A Common Danish Language Resource


With the initiative A Common Danish Language Resource, the aim is to collect, develop and display language data, language models and language tools that can support the development of Danish artificial intelligence solutions.

Based on the ‘National strategy for artificial intelligence’ from 2019, the ‘Digitisation pact’ sets to develop a common Danish Language resource. The initiative was later anchored in the Finance Agreement between Local Government Denmark, Danish Regions and the central government. The initiative runs in the period 2019-2026.

The purpose is to support Danish language technology companies in developing Danish-language solutions within artificial intelligence. The effort aims to gather relevant, existing language resources and make them freely available to all. It further aims to develop and give access to new language resources that can reduce barriers and strengthen the development of language technology solutions in Danish.

This is done by collaborating with both private companies, research institutions, and public sector actors. The focus on engaging as many actors as possible aims to catalyze the best conditions for developing Danish language technology fit to impact use cases across a wide spectrum of society.

There is also a close collaboration with the EU through 1) participating in the governance body of the common European Language Data Space, which aims at establishing a functional marketplace for exchanging language data, and 2) by following the work related to the Alliance for Language Technologies EDIC (European Digital Infrastructure Consortium), which aims at enhancing European language technology by collecting resources, fine-tuning models, incubating language technology projects and more.