Guide on The Use of Cloud Services

Cloud service has already had a profound impact on the digital transformation of the Danish public sector and society in general. However, organizations face new challenges, questions and considerations when they acquire cloud services, compared to traditional IT-services.

To help Danish authorities maximizing the value and potential of cloud services, the Danish Agency for Digitisation has published a “Guide on the use of Cloud Services”. The guide aims to support organizations through the different stages of the cloud acquisition decision-making process. It does so by focusing on key questions, challenges, and considerations.

In the first section, the guide describes what cloud technology is, what the most common services and delivery models consists of, and why cloud technology might be beneficial. In the second section, the guide covers central juridical questions, for example transfers of personal information to third countries. The third section covers how organizations should address the issue of information insecurity, by pointing to relevant security standards. The guide hereby attempts to remove insecurities that are a barrier to cloud uptake.

Read the Guide on the Use of Cloud Services (in Danish)