Letter from April 27, 2023

We are contacting you because of an error in Digital Post. This error means that you have had a digital mailbox created. Therefore, Public authorities have sent you digital mail that you should have received by physical mail. You may have received digital mail from March 21st until November 4th, 2022.

The Agency for Digital Government has shut down your digital postbox and notified the authorities, who have sent you digital mail in the mentioned period, that you have yet to receive your public post. You will no longer receive digital mail, so you do not need to do anything further.

If you wish to receive digital mail from the Danish authorities

You are not covered by the legal requirement to receive public digital post, because you are not a resident of Denmark or have a permanent residence here.

However, you can register for Digital Post from the Danish authorities if you wish.

How to register for Digital Post

Write the Agency for Digital Government and ask for registration:

  1. Open your preferred e-mail provider
  2. Send a new e-mail to
  3. Put “Registration for Digital Post ref. notification letter” in the subject line
  4. Write your full name and date of birth (not CPR) in the e-mail
  5. Press ’send’

Once The Agency for Digital Government has received your e-mail, we will process your registration for Digital Post. We will send you a confirmation e-mail afterwards and do our best to respond quickly.

Please note that if you are a resident of Greenland and you have not registered with Digital Post before, you must register for the Danish Digital Post solution by sending a physical letter with your full name, CPR number and e-mail address to:

The Agency for Digital Government

Att: Division for Digital Post

Landgreven 4

1301 Copenhagen K

How did the error occur?

On March 21st 2022, The Agency for Digital Government replaced the public authorities' underlying Digital Post solution. Here, some citizens were mistakenly signed up for Digital Post. The error meant that authorities who wanted to send you mail had done so digitally instead of by physical mail.

What type of physical mail have you yet to receive?

As we do not have access to your mail, we cannot disclose the exact information you received digitally that should have been sent to you by physical mail. It could be letters from the municipality, or hospital, news from a daycare centre or other public institutions.

How has The Agency for Digital Government handled the incident?

Since you have not had access to your mail from the public sector for some time because of the mail being sent to a digital mailbox to which you were mistakenly registered, this is a breach of personal data security, cf. the nature of the data protection regulation 4, No. 12.

The fact that the letters were sent to you digitally and not by physical mail may have meant that you did not get to read your mail and, thus, did not receive important information. Therefore, we have reported the breach to the Data Protection Authority, cf. the data protection regulation 33, subsection 1.

After the error was discovered, The Agency for Digital Government changed your registration status so authorities can no longer send you Digital mail. The Agency for Digital Government has also contacted the authorities who sent you Digital mail and informed them that you have been subject to this incident, and mail may not have reached you.

You can use this notification as documentation to an authority that you have not received public mail in the given period because you rightfully expected to receive it by physical mail. It may be relevant if the letter sent to you digitally included a deadline.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Division for Digital Post at .

We are sorry for the error and any inconvenience it may have caused you.

With kind regards,

Joachim Møller Pallesen

Team lead,

Division for Digital Post,

The Danish Agency for Digital Government