About the National Digital Post

The National Digital Post is an important cornerstone of the cross-governmental digital service infrastructure in Denmark. Digital Post enables public authorities to communicate securely and digitally with citizens and businesses – and vice versa. The mailbox and the letters in it are also named Digital Post.

The illustration shows how Digital Post is used to send Digital Post securely between public authorities (municipal, regional and state authorities) and residents and businesses in Denmark.

Digital Post aims to support and strengthen the public service for citizens and businesses as well as authorities. As part of the Danish national digital service infrastructure, Digital Post is used to communicate securely between public authorities (municipal, regional and state authorities), residents, and businesses in Denmark.

Explainer about Digital Post for Citizens

Highlights on Digital Post

The Digital Post Act enables public authorities to send digital messages and documents with legal effect to people and businesses. The people or businesses are thereby obligated to read Digital Post from public senders – unless they are exempt.

Digital Post enables authorities to:

  • Use their own professional systems such as Outlook, EDMS to send and receive personal data and information from citizens and businesses, compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Communicate securely and legally to a specific personal identification number (CPR) or a Central Business Register number (VAT), and with no need to establish and update a register of recipients.
  • Enhance their digital communication with citizens and businesses by using the public sector’s shared MeMo format. The format supports public authorities in marking up Digital Post and enables them to help recipients with automatic calendar invitations direct links to self-service solutions, and more.

Multiple Points of Access to Digital Post

  • Citizens and businesses can access Digital Post from public authorities on several secure platforms; Borger.dk and Digital Post app are provided by Agency for Digital Government and virk.dk is provided by the Danish Business Authority.

  • E-boks.dk and mit.dk are provided by the enterprises e-Boks A/S and Netcompany A/S. Both enterprises are approved by Agency for Digital Government to establish and run platforms for Digital Post. This enables the establishment of a market for the provision of commercial platforms. Potential purposes of these are that the recipient can view their Digital Post from public authorities along with their post from private senders, such as banks and utility services.

  • Citizens and businesses can autonomously choose where they want to read, reply and send their Digital Post from public authorities. All actions are automatically saved across all platforms.

  • Since Digital Post is personal and secure, it is necessary to log on with the Danish national eID, MitID.