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The image shows the entry for Digital Post on All citizens in Denmark receive their post from public Danish authorities digitally. Both the mailbox and the messages are called Digital Post and ensure a secure digital communication between you and the public authorities

In Denmark, residents communicate with public authorities through the public sector’s Digital Post platform by default. People can access their Digital Post via the National Citizen Portal,, and via

In Denmark, people communicate with public authorities digitally through the public sector’s Digital Post platform.

People log in to their personal Digital Post on,, or through the Digital Post app using their Danish national eID, MitID. This ensures secure digital communication between the public authorities and individual residents, which is important because sensitive personal data is often exchanged.

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Within Digital Post, users can send messages to public authorities as well as read and reply to messages from public authorities. Users can also forward messages from one public authority to another or to other people.

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Besides reading Digital post via, and the Digital Post app, it is also possible to read Digital Post from public authorities through private platforms, including e-Boks and

Digital Post will always be synchronised across all platforms. This means that if a resident reads, replies, deletes, or moves Digital Post sent from a national authority, a municipality, or a region on one of the platforms, it will be reflected on the other platforms – public as well as private. All platforms draw on the same data in the underlying solution.

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