Life Event Guides

Residents in Denmark should experience coherence in their digital contact with the public sector. Guides on seek to help people navigate the digital public sector during different life events.

It may be difficult to piece together your user journey on your own when moving, becoming a parent, getting divorced or preparing for retirement; all life events involving contact with several authorities. Guides on aim to provide residents in Denmark with an overview of what one needs to know and do in different life events. 

The main objective is to make it easier to navigate the public sector, experiencing coherence and a better service.

Life event guides

  • Moving
  • Moving abroad
  • Moving to Denmark
  • Retiring
  • Death of a relative
  • Becoming a parent
  • Losing a job
  • Getting a new job
  • Becoming a digital citizen (13-17 years old)
  • Getting divorced
  • Starting higher education

The guides are a part of the Danish national citizen portal

Five central aspects of the guides:

  1. The scope of the information provided in the guides is broad, containing information on many topics and areas, e.g. relevant links for further in-depth reading, or links for applying for benefits.
  2. Introductory questions about the situation of the reader adjust the in-formation shown, thus making it more specific and relevant.
  3. The construction of the text often highlights what the reader needs to know and what to do (including important deadlines) and what happens automatically.
  4. Each guide contains all the aspects one has to deal with in a given life event, e.g. concerning health, children, finances, tax and insurance.
  5. The guides do not require log on, and no data about the reader is collected.

An inclusive and participative process

Relevant authorities have been extensively involved and have contributed with knowledge and fact checking of content.